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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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Hawking Takes Beijing We are close to answering an age-old question, Why are we here? Where did we come from? It's Stephen Hawking, surrounded by young Chinese physicists - the event is Strings 2006 - the place is the Great Hall of the People - 800 world's physicists gathered together to discuss the string theory (NYT). For a week Beijing is the center of the Cosmos.

Listening to HawkingThese young Chinese listening to Hawking - in this moment they live in the Great Universe of the Great Spaces and Ideas. Will they succeed to bring the future in China? Nicholas D. Kristof has an op-ed in NYT about the battle today in China between bloggers and the regime - about Li Xin-De who travels around China with his laptop, reporting on corruption and human-rights abuses. They keep closing his blogs, he keeps starting new ones. Power of blogs against power of the unique party.

London's Pigeons
These are London's pigeons, in Trafalgar Square - Mayor Livingstone is fighting the war against them, Pigeons May Coo but They Aren't Cute.

And here is today's quote, from Alice Hoffman (she wrote Practical Magic, Green Angel, and other stories for children),

There is no end to a story - it goes on indefinitely, into eternity. Every time a story is read, it's alive and it's different because the reader is different.


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