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Sunday, January 06, 2008

4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days - after watching it

Anamaria MarincaSome people who watched 4, 3, 2 tried to consider it in relation the movies of Nemescu. Who has the highest artistic value, Mungiu or Nemescu?

I think the two Romanian directors should not be compared, as they belong to totaly different art universes.

Nemescu is discovering the magic in the sordid. His world is between Fellini and Kusturica.

Mungiu has rather the style of Capote. Voluntarily dry, strictly factual, avoiding emotion. Just following the facts in their development, following them with minutia. It is probably the only way to tell a fundamental story.

I don't think the movie of Mungiu is only a document against Ceausescu's regime. It is much more. The Communist epoch is in the movie just a support for the truth of a fundamental story: the story of friendship. Yes, 4-3-2 is not about the terror of the Communist universe, and it is not about pro-choice versus pro-life. It is about friendship, beyond any limit. Friendship, so fundamental that anything esle, the whole universe, is senseless, alien, trivial.

And the last scene, with the two girls at the table in the restaurant, a bottle and a plate between them, this gave me the key of the movie. The scene was strictly necessary in the logic of the movie - this movie is a haiku about friendship. Weird and dry, actually subtle and sophisticated.

With the last scene, Mungiu proves himself to be at the height of the greatest Asian moviemakers. 4-3-2 is difficult to be understood - at first level an accuzation against Communism, actually a haiku. It is beyond Communist universe, because it is beyond any universe. It is the fundamental parable of friendship.




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