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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Brassai, The Way a Poem of Ady's began on a Cafe Table in Paris

Brassai, The Way a Poem of Ady's Began on a Cafe Table in Paris, 1928(image from archfoto.freeblog.hu)

Neither the issue nor the sire,
neither fulfillment nor desire
am I for anyone,
am I for anyone.

I am as all men, the sunless sea,
the alien Thule, mystery,
a fleeing wisp of light,
a fleeing wisp of light.

But I must look for friends and brothers;
I want to show myself to others
that seeing they will see,
that seeing they will see.

For this my lyric masochism;
I long to close the gaping schism,
and thus belong somewhere,
and thus belong somewhere.

(Ady Endre, Longing for Love, 1909)

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