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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Niko Pirosmani, Giraffe

(Click here for the Romanian version)

I would like start a journey in the world of Niko Pirosmani, the great Georgian painter. Ryszard Kapuscinski told the story of Pirosmani's life in a book that I have just read, Imperium. I found then a lot of his works on the web. They make together a fascinating world, these paintings of Pirosmani, sharing sometimes the same syntax with the refined images of Parajanov's movies. And that is normal, as Pirosmani and Parajanov share the same cultural universe. Some other times you can find striking similarities with the Romanian popular art: the same motifs, the same way of dealing with them. The large cultural area of Eastern Christianity.

And I had to decide which of Pirosmani's works to begin with - I made this choice, the Giraffe.



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