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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Was Today at the Corcoran

I was today again at the Corcoran, to see the exhibition of Maya Lin (I will reserve for her a special post).

Her exhibition was beneath the Rotonda, that was occupied by some American moderns. The sculpture of Rob Fisher was in the middle.: They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Do you remember the movie? One of the most impressive that I have seen in that epoch.

Rob Fisher (b. 1968) - They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
steel, mirror, paint and glassbulb

Well, years have passed since then, and I was trying now to find a link between the sculpture and the movie. Probably the connection is loose; the abstract sculpture suggests by its sides pulled apart the ultimate fragility of life, and invites, through its reflecting mirrors, to think at ourseleves, at our ultimate destiny.

I decided then to shoot a painting by Hughie Lee-Smith: it had an implicit dramatism.

Hughie Lee-Smith (1913-1999) - Reflection, 1057
oil on particle board

In another room I discovered the famous figurines made by Daumier. I know them from reproductions, since I was a child. The Corcoran is full of Daumier's works, some serious paintings, along with all kind of political cartoons. As for these Bustes des Parlementaires. I think they were brought here from the National Gallery of Art.

Honoré-Victorin Daumier - Les Bustes des Parlementaires
(close up)

I wanted also to take o picture of this wonderful clock. I saw it each time I was at the Corcoran. It is here a fine mix of modern and classic.

Chariot of the Harvest, c. 1800
case: unknown French
clock: Noël Bourret, c. 1755-1803

And what else? A very small space dedicated to small sculptures, made by contemporary artists: half of them trying to suggest some kind of antique; the other half, well, contemporary :)

Then Joey P. Mánlapaz, Through the Looking Glass, a refreshing rendering of the Adams Morgan:



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