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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Photos of Roslan Rahman: Halal

For non-Muslims the word Halal designates what's allowed to eat in Islam. Actually Halal means more: any object or action permissible according to Sharia.

Malaysia offers a contrasting example. Many Europeans or Americans view it as a strong Islamic country, while its presence in the global economy is also strong.

So, is it Malaysia conservative or modern? Is it Halal or secular? Can it be both in the same time? Roslan Rahman is trying to find the answer for us, through his photos.

It is not an easy answer, as each photo captures a fact of life; and any fact of life is, beyond any Islamic or secular interpretation, just that, a fact of life.

And regardless country, or religion, traditional or modern values, any human is like this man in the ocean; facing in any moment the immensity of things beyond his understanding.

(The Photos of Roslan Rahman)



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