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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(Keith): Ryûhei Kitamura Slashes Back!

(Pierre): After reluctant months of hard work in university, my friend Keith is finally here to talk about one of his favorite subjects: Cinema, and precisely Japanese Cinema! Here is what he has to say about Ryûhei Kitamura:

(Keith) The main dish is a really fried one, the bad-ass from Osaka slashes back in 2010 for an American remake of his own Japanese movie...VERSUS! Yes, you guessed right, Ryûhei Kitamura is on show business again.

It's not whispers though it's only quotes for now, saying he still needs time to work on the script and polish the overview. So basically here is what you can read on www.dreadcentral.com:

In the year 2000 a Japanese zombie action epic called Versus exploded onto the scene, thereby putting director Ryûhei Kitamura on the map of just about every horror fan who knows their stuff. Now he's ready to give us Westerners a Versus of our very own!

Butane called in from Fantasia with this report, Kitamura just announced that he's working on an American version of Versus. He just finished a draft of the script and will do one more to polish it up. It's going to be a few years before it's made, as he's doing an action film first, but he stated, and I quote: The US Versus will be insane! Bring it on, baby! - Uncle Creepy! (I assume Uncle Creepy is this Butane guy, or is it you, Keith? Pierre wondering:)

I personally was a fan of Ryûhei's early movies and even liked what he kinda failed (who said Sky High?! whose fault is, actors were excellent but the cast was distributed like stickers on a fringe! it's like asking Jason Statham to act as Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, not convinced it would brake the same records...knowing Jason it would only brake...bones!). Poor Takao Ôsawa, his performance was astonishing as usual...and Eihi Shiina, too good to hold a sword without shaking...it was like wasting caviar and champagne to eat a sandwich, but let's get back to the remake.

Versus was a turnover in my life (well, I'm only 23! bleh!), a real 90° turn in my how crazy in love I’m for Japanese cinema.

As a martial artist I was crazy about the whole plot (not much of a story!) two hours with like 10 minute talking and 110 minutes fighting bare hands, gun-fighting, zombie-fighting, running-away, zombie-fighting, sword-fighting, zombie fighting, brother-fighting with tons of flash backs and oh yeah, I forgot...more Zombie fighting!!

It was a low-budget movie and so had Ryûhei to come with dazzling ideas to create good shot and high speed camera effects, that's how he came with the turn-over-me-please. You liked the matrix effect right? Imagine the same thing without special effects...but with good acting skills! (don't make me say Keanu Reeves is a bad actor it's one of my favorites...but yes rich Hollywood movie makers can be lazy!)

Same camera effect used at the end of Azumi (n°1) but he kinda worked on it so it was even better (though the whole movie was not so good, but action scene was there a lot, enough to fill ten movies)

Too bad it wasn't his idea to produce death-trance but Tak Sakaguchi was there and that was enough for me. Hopefully he went with the movie love death not less an alien than Sky High, and gods knows I love U.F.O.!

Now, saying that the new Versus is gonna be better than the original, when watching the so waited for dragon ball felt like waiting for a Jaguar or an Impreza and receiving a Volvo with a V16 turbo engine (might be a good engine but look where you put it! it's a grave, man!)

So no personal opinion about the news...hoping Ryûhei will come back to earth, like he did with Longinus (why, why on earth was it only a short movie!!!! Please someone where can we find the bonus cd?) and stop his new delirium party in hey now I got money... will I keep on making great stuff? you'll see lard! oops sorry i missed two movies again...run-away

Notice that his 2008 movie midnight meat train looks pretty good! and had an excellent critic...so we know he can do great things...hoping for the best, waiting for the movie's coming out and see you later everyone ;)

Ahmed-Keith Reziki

(Ryûhei Kitamura)

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