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Thursday, September 23, 2010

To Dance with the White Dog

When, after a long, beautiful life with his wife, he remained alone, a white dog appeared, to be his companion and make him keep his grace and balance. Nobody but him could see the dog, and they believed the old man was having the fantasies of senility. But, little by little those who were gracious to the old man started to see the white dog by themselves.

And sometimes the white dog was taking the shape of his beloved, in very special moments.

Before dying he told his son and his grandson to come early in the morning to the cemetery: they would see there the dog. And so they did after he passed away, and what they saw were the footprints of the dog near the tomb.

To Dance with the White Dog, a book, and a TV movie about love, and about grace, and about balance in life, in your last years.



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