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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dave Tarras, the King of Klezmer

A new book by Yale Strom, Dave Tarras, the King of Klezmer.

Hailed as The Benny Goodman of klezmer, Dave Tarras is considered the most influential klezmer musician of the Twentieth Century. Scion of a musical family in Ternovke, Ukraine, Tarras played at weddings for Jews and non-Jews – even playing in the Czarist army – up to World War One. He immigrated to America and after a brief stint as a furrier, began to make a living with his clarinet. From 1925 until his death in 1989, Dave Tarras set the standard for klezmer musicianship and virtuosity. Even the great be-bop artists Charlie Parker and Miles Davis traveled to the Catskills to study the technique of this complex and compelling virtuoso.

Dave Tarras: Chusen Kala Mazel Tov
(video by Lindy Hoppers)

Dave Tarras: Zefki, Ikh Bin Dayner Sher
(video by naneo)

Dave Tarras: Romanian Melody
(video by Bronisliva)

Dave Tarras: Galatas
(video by Protoslave)

(Yale Strom)



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