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Saturday, June 11, 2011

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally, a nice movie that I have always watched with pleasure. It was aired right now on a TV channel and I enjoyed it again.

I remember a story I read a couple of years ago in a magazine. A woman was remembering her grandmother, only as an old impossible person, too absurd, too insistent, too out of touch. Many years after the grandmother had passed away the woman found a bunch of old letters: love letters sent by her grandfather Harry to grandmother Ollie. The tone was so passionate, grandfather's desire was so impetuous, and the woman realized that her grandmother (known by her as old and impossible) had actually been a great lady who had inspired a great love. The story in the magazine had the title When Harry Met Ollie.

Here is the best known scene from the movie. When Harry Met Sally has a lot of memorable scenes, but this one is a classic.



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