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Friday, July 08, 2011

Belly Dance

I watched yesterday a movie with an unforgettable scene of belly dance. Well, the movie is not about belly dance at all: only in the most dramatic moment the only thing a young woman can do to give time for her step father to solve a situation and avoid total failure is to perform a belly dance in front of the crowd. And the movie ends this way: we'll never know the outcome, the woman won't know it either, so she'll keep on dancing.

Belly dance has magic. I witnessed it only once: I was in a Romanian restaurant in Queens invited by a friend, and suddenly two belly dancers appeared. Everybody there were Romanians, except for the two girls. And they started dancing. It was magic.

As I am preparing a post about the movie watched yesterday, and it will take a few days, I think it's good to give you now just a glimpse: for you to see what belly dance really is. Here are two videos I found on Internet. Enjoy!



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