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Friday, September 23, 2011

Connaught Bar in London: Martin Trolleys and White Gloves

After Manhattan, Frisco, and Tokyo, it's time to visit a bar in London. The choice would be the Connaught where guests are served from martini trolleys managed by white gloved attendants. How to call them, martini trolleys or gueridon trolleys? Well, matter of taste, or of habit.

Anyway, here's the description for such a trolley (according to One London One): the trolley features an engraved Japanese crystal mixing jar which has been cleverly engineered to conserve freezing temperatures; double frozen ice cubes from purified water ensure the martini is chilled to perfection; the stirring utensils are made of silver, while the martinis themselves are served in elegant engraved crystal glasses especially created for the Connaught by a leading French designer. Not bad!

Ago Perrone and Erik Lorincz are the mixologists at the Connaught, presiding over the extensive list of expensive cocktails.

(Bartenders and Mixologists)



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