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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Julio Médem's Plans

Will it be a movie or a novel? Médem started with the idea of creating a new movie, Pericles and Aspasia, it seems that due to the lack of funding the project was put on hold, and Médem turned to put it into a novel. He didn't give up with eventually filming the story, he thinks even to advance in parallel with the book and the movie.

5th Century of Classical Greece. Aspasia is a young and beautiful woman born in Miletus who moves to Athens where she turns into a hetaera. Being a liberated woman and a relevant figure in Athens, noted for her conversationalist and adviser skills, she becomes the lover of prominent statesman Pericles. Together they will face the great political events of their time while their relationship will suffer defamation by Athenian society.

Book or movie, it doesn't matter. It would be an episode in the history of antique Athens filtered through the heavily sensual lens of Médem: the magic of Eros dissolving everything.

Médem has admitted literature has greatly influenced his cinematic vision. Magical Realism and Latin American literature have made an impression on him, as he mentions authors such as Borges, Garcia Márquez, and Cortázar, but also remarks he likes to read more history than fiction.

(Julio Médem)



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