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Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Old Man Billy

Here is Bill Habhab who lived next to Peggy Lou on Blake Road. He is since deceased. Bill built the florndale tap on Dombey Road which is now the junkyard bar and ran it for many years. Bill & his wife Florence Flo and his sons Bill & Tony & Greg all lived in the woods at the end of Blake Road. Flo has since died and Tony divorced Kelly and lives in TN.

The author of this video doesn't want, it seems, to be known. videogoatbird is of course an avatar (a pen name, if you like). However, if you go to his channel, you'll discover that his name is Absurdhero Surdbird, which is just another avatar. He says there that he's from Panama (another avatar?), and that he's interested in India and the Amazon (that can very well be his avatar interests, or rather the interests of one of his avatars). Here is his artistic statement: I love making videos. Whatever type I'm in the mood for I do. Making videos really makes me happy. Obviously, my videos are not highly crafted or base oriented so I languish in near obscurity.

So the author of this video loves making fun, but he is a great guy, and he loves the poetry of William Carlos Williams.




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