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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pola Rapaport at the Sarajevo Film Festival

Pola Rapaport was invited at the 2012 Sarajevo Film Festival, as a mentor in a workshop called Rough Cut Boutique. Five films from the Balkan region were chosen for mentorship in the editing stage. The group gave constructive comments to the filmmakers, and Pola worked closely with each filmmaker in individual sessions as well. It was an amazing experience for Pola: it was her first coming to this city, unique in so many respects. I wish I have one day the possibility to see that place with my own eyes: I have read about Sarajevo, and I have seen it in some movies of Kusturica. A great book was written by Anthony Loyd, who was there during the war. It was a horrible war, but I think that ultimately it was not able not change the destiny of this city: to be a place of encounter for three cultures; three opposing cultures finding in that place their complementarities.

(Pola Rapaport)



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