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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Claude Verlinde: Les Marottes

Claude Verlinde, Les Marottes, 1989
oil on canvas mounted on wood
(posted on Facebook by The Macabre And the Beautifully Grotesque)
no copyright infringement intended

The English title of this painting is Jester's Baubles, the German one, Die Narrenstäbe. I found it on Facebook, also in a blog of eigene Lyrik mit ausgewählten Bildern (own poetry with selected images) - the blog of a Swedish architect and poet, whose name is Gerhard.

For Gerhard, the title of this painting should rather be Reisende (Traveler) and here is a small poem he created while meditating over the image - a poem that suggests in the last line one more title:

Wir alle sind nur auf Besuch
In unserer Welt
Für kurze oder längere Zeit
Bevor wir weiter reisen

Der Fahrplan ist uns unbekannt
Das Ziel verborgen
Den Reiseleiter hat man
Lange nicht gesehen

Man nennt es Fahrt ins Blaue

Let's try an English version:

We are all just visiting
In our world
For a while, than can be short or longer
Before going further

The timetable is for us unknown
The goal is hidden
And the tour guide
is long unseen

It is called
Ride into the blue

I tried also a Romanian rendering, here it is:

Suntem doar calatori
In lumea ast-a noastra
O vreme doar, mai scurta sau mai lunga
Si-apoi plecam, sa ne vedem de drum

Programul nu ni-l stim
Telul e-ascuns
Iar calauza, e mult de cand
N-o mai zarim

(Claude Verlinde)



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