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Friday, December 21, 2012

Music in the Age of Pyramids

Egyptian Harp of Old Kingdom
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Music in the Age of Pyramids is a research project coordinated by the Spanish musicologist Rafael Pérez Arroyo with the collaboration of Syra Bonet. The research process began in 1991. It consisted of a multidisciplinary study of the music, musical instruments and dance of Ancient Egypt and it included the study of instruments conserved in different museums, especially the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, and in European collections. This was followed by the examination in situ of the music reliefs conserved in Egyptian mastabas and tombs.Then an analysis was made of the Ancient Egyptian literary sources, the folklore of the Nile Valley, Coptic liturgical music and the Greek writers (I used here the information provided on the web site of Rafael Pérez Arroyo).

(Old Masters)


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