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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alfred Morgan: An Omnibus Ride to Piccadilly Circus

Alfred Morgan: An Omnibus Ride to Piccadilly Circus,
Mr Gladstone Traveling with Ordinary Passengers
oil on canvas, 1885
(also published on Facebook by Belle Époque Europe)
no copyright infringement intended

Va recomand sa cititi Marea Britanie si Unirea Principatelor Romane de Diana Dumitru, pentru a vedea meritele lui  William Ewart Gladstone ca unul din marii sprijinitori ai Unirii care s-a facut la 1859.

I recommend the reading of UK and Romanian Principalities Unification by Diana Dumitru to see there the merits of William Ewart Gldstone as one of the great supporters of the Unification from 1859.

(Old Masters)


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