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Monday, May 20, 2013

Galina Nikolaeva

The daughter of a schoolteacher, Galina Nikolaeva (1911-1963) graduated from a medical institute in 1935. Her father and her husband were both imprisoned in 1937, victims of the Soviet political terror of that period. During WWII, Nikolaeva worked as a physician on the Stalingrad front, then in Northern Caucasus. After the war she began to be known as a writer. Short story Гибель командарма (Death of the Army Commander) was published in 1945, a collection of verses (Сквозь огонь - Through Fire) followed, in 1946. In 1950 Nikolaeva published Жатва (Harvest), a novel depicting the people of a northern village and the postwar restoration of the rural economy. Повесть о директоре МТС и главном агрономе (Tale of the Director of an MTS and the Chief Agronomist), published in 1954, dealt also with rural life, and maybe foretell her masterpiece, Битва в пути (Battle en Route), from 1957.

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