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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sigismund Ivanowski

signature of Sigismund Ivanowski
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Sigismund Ivanowski (1875-1944) was a portraitist and illustrator who lived for most of his life in US. He used to sign his works with different aliases, based on slight spelling variations of his name: Sigismund De Ivanowski or Sigismund De Ivanowsky, Sigmund De Ivanowski or Sigmund De Ivanowsky. Sometimes the nobiliary particle was forgotten and he appeared simply as Sigismund Ivanowski (or Ivanowsky).

Ivanowski was born in Kuryłówka, a Ruthenian village belonging today to Poland (the region is known as Galicia, and is shared today between Ukraine and Poland). After studies in Warsaw, St. Petersburg (Imperial Academy of Arts; he also served during his stay there as court painter to Tsar Nicholas II), Munich (Akademie der Bildenden Künste), Paris (Académie Julian), and London (where he was the student of Whistler), he came to US, in 1902, where he activated in NYC. A 1907 interview by the New York Times states, the thing that impresses you at once about him is his vital energy.

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