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Friday, February 06, 2015

Harper Lee

Harper Lee and her Mockingbird
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I have in mind to write in Romanian a little story about her life. I am very impressed that her new/old novel (Go Set a Watchman) will be published now, at her 88 years. I have a friend who is 89 and is very scared about old age, imminence of death, possibility of Alzheimer (there is no sign, but the scare is immense), and I am doing my best to encourage, to give forcefully optimism and joy, which is very difficult. So, the example of Harper Lee would be a good argument for me. My friend is a she, and her husband, as it happens, is three or four years younger (which brings him around eighty five). They are too old to be connected to the web and all that stuff. But for me, writing a story about a lady of old age who is still active, will give me, let's say, a new vector, in encouraging my friends. Now, I know that actually Harper Lee is now in very bad shape, but I believe that's not the point. I am sure the publication of Go Set a Watchman will make her good and I will force a little the facts, pretending to my own friends that she is healthy and active.

You see, we are friends for almost fifty years, and we had very good times. Also when many years ago I had my big problems, as I remained a widower at forty, and I had good friends to rely upon.

I don't think I will translate this story into English. Or maybe :)

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