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Monday, May 04, 2015

Alberto Manguel

Alberto Manguel
(au coeur des livres)
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Argentine-born Canadian anthologist, translator, essayist, novelist and editor; for over twenty years he has edited a number of literary anthologies on a variety of themes or genres ranging from erotica and gay stories to fantastic literature and mysteries (wiki); son oeuvre s’impose comme un monument du XXe siècle, de par la richesse de son contenu que par son sujet si bien abordé (au coeur des livres); escribe generalmente en inglés, aunque a veces lo hace también en español (wiki); at sixteen years of age, while working at the Pygmalion Anglo-German bookshop in Buenos Aires, he was asked by the blind Jorge Luis Borges to read aloud to him at his home; for the young boy the relationship was pivotal: he read to Borges from 1964 to 1968 (Alberto Manguel - Homepage); in 2000, moved to Poitou-Charentes, where he and his partner have purchased and renovated a medieval presbytery; among the renovations is an oak-paneled library to house his nearly 40,000 books (wiki); ohne Schriftsteller gäbe es keine Literatur, ohne Leser keine Literaturgeschichte (Alberto Manguel: Der König der Leser); am cumpărat ieri la Librăria Engleză din Bucureşti o carte absolut impunătoare: The Dictionary of Imaginary Places; promit să revin (blogger împătimt după cărţi impunătoare).

(Una Vida Entre Libros)



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