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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Snapshots without Camera - Dialog with a Barista

Michael Godard, Martini Club
The Martini Club
Lost Snapshots

In a Starbucks in this town looking like an illustrated story for kids. A town where everybody's smiling at each other. A town of small miracles for kids and small indulgences for grown-ups. A story land. I'm in front of the barista. He's as old as I am.

- I would like a tall coffee.

- What coffee?

- A tall coffee.

- A hot coffee!?

- Tall, t-a-l-l, tall, a tall coffee

- Yes?

- And also a cookie.

- A ... ?

- Yes, coo-kie.

- (smiling) Where are you from?

- (returning smile) From here ... well (continuing smile), kind of.

- You have an accent, though.

- That accent I've also noticed ... (smiling) actually I'm from Romania. Kind of.

- Wow! Cool!


(Snapshots without Camera)


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