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Monday, November 07, 2016

Booth Tarkington

Booth Tarkington
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In his time he was considered one of the greatest. So many years have passed, and tastes have changed. I love to read books written by authors of his kind, but I am a nostalgic. And when I say nostalgic, it's not about my youth, no. It's for much older times. The irony is that in his novels he was also a nostalgic, so I'm looking for bygone times, finding there an author in love for his own bygone times. A gentleman from the Midwest, definitely conservative, with a lifelong passion for collecting works of art, spending long vacations on the Atlantic shore in Maine, that blessed place where nature keeps its wilderness even today. Nowadays he is best known for his Magnificent Ambersons, written in 1918, describing the epoch when the automobile was brutally taking hold of America. Orson Welles would make from it a great movie, but this was also long ago, in 1942. Here is a web site where you can find many of Tarkington's books. Try and enjoy!

(A Life in Books)



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