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Monday, January 16, 2017

Kyell Gold

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Right now just a few words about Kyell Gold, author of gay literature focused on the furry fandom. I've just read a review of one of his novels, The Time He Desires. It was mentioned on Facebook by David Ensign, the pastor of Clarendon Presbyterian Church (a community that is remarkable in the courage of its openness). David was referring to a headline from Slate Magazine that drew him into an interesting collision with worlds not his own. So I read the review from Slate. How to resist Islamophobia? The question is stringent and the answer found by Kyell Gold is radical: you have to force together all worlds rejected by the society at large (Islam, Immigration, LGBTQ, etc.), make them collide among themselves till they found their common ground vis-à-vis what is considered mainstream, then make them collide with yourself till you get the essential beyond the scandal. Food for thought.

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