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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Russell Mills - Samuel Beckett

Russell Mills, A Samuel Beckett Reader ZONE

You stand at the bar of a crapulous cafe

Drinking coffee at two sous a time in the midst of the unhappy
You are alone morning is at hand
In the streets the milkmen rattle their cans

Guillaume Apollinaire, translated by Samuel Becket

Waiting for Godot - I saw it in Bucharest, at the National Theatre. The stage was in the theatre's workshop. Two great actors, Marin Moraru and Gheorghe Dinica. I miss Bucharest's theatrical life. And I miss Bucharest's cafes. I used to spend a bit of time enjoying a coffee in a small cafe on the Strada Academiei, near the University, or in Cismigiu, near the Academy of Music. Some other places too, the cafe in a garden not far from the statue of Vasile Lascar (Vreau sa fac din administratie o a doua magistratura). I know Bucharest, street by street, and stone by stone.

Marin Moraru

Gheorghe Dinica Marin Moraru and Gheorghe Dinica


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