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Monday, June 19, 2006

The story with the P-word

a Cossack on his horse
In old times Cossacks were very free while using words. This habit proved persistent, and Kossacks nowodays do not feel bound by any non-disclosure agreement about words. I found the P-word in an excerpt that was very Kossakian-like, this putz has the gall to call Jefferson a "confused triangulator" right before advocating something like a non-secular secular state?

I understood at once that this was the P-word, and I looked for different meanings of it, just to teach you how to avoid the usage:

1. Literally, the P-word is a vulgar slang for another p-word, so it should not be used lightly. More offensive than the schmuck, which can be used affectionately or teasingly. Rarely used to describe the member, schmuck does that. (Def. from the "Joys of Yiddish" by Leo Rosten)
2. a stupid, ignorant person; someone who doesn't pay attention to anything going on; one who makes stupid remarks, here is an example:
**bumps into a pole on the sidewalk, then a person, keeps going** J: what a putz! didn't he see me here??"
3. Used also to describe someone who is taking their time in a lazy manner. This is akin to saying that someone was lazy for an undefined period of time. Here are some examples:
Joe was a putz with his computer. Chuck putzes in his office. Matt putzed on the golf course all day.
4. Technically means fool or jerk. Vulgarly it means the p-word. In German it is Aufputz which means 'to clean'
5. In Yiddish it is the derogatory for another p-word. Do you need an example? Here you go:
Oh, don't be such a putz!
6. stupid acting person. here is an example to clarify this meaning:
you are a putz head.
7. a stupid or obnoxious person, as in the following example:
You little putz! Who do you think you are?
8. Term Jews use to explain ignorant ass holes, as in the sentence attributed to Rabbi Greenberg: That dude over there is a putz.
9. Kossacks use also the P-word to designate the radio host Rush Limbaugh (which is not nice). The example follows:
Why do you listen to that old putz?


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