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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dumitru Gorzo

Dumitru Gorzo

Dumitru Gorzo.

As I was reading about him my memories were carrying me back in time... Dumitru Gorzo, an artist born in Ieud, on the valley of the Iza river… long time ago I had made a journey on the valley of the Iza river, to see there the wooden churches and the icons on glass. The wooden church of Ieud was known as the cathedral – it was the largest, but, beside its size, there was something else, a kind of natural greatness – as I was walking through the church I was thinking that the first princes of Moldavia had come from Ieud.

Maramures, tara veche,
Cu oameni fara pereche

I had come there to see the wooden churches and the icons on glass and I was discovering a whole civilization – the country of deep woods and of fantastic woodcraft – the wooden churches, the wooden gates… the motifs carved on the gates were carrying a whole mythology – and I realized that my journey there was a rite of initiation - something essential was there, told by the figures carved on the gates – some profound sizes of the Romanian ethos.

And Dumitru Gorzo comes from there, from the valley of the Iza river – his works are from the universe of the motifs carved on the wooden gates there, in Ieud – beyond the iconoclasm, the unconventional, the provocative, his works carry the same story, the same fundamental myths of the Romanian ethos.

Dumitru Gorzo, Al treilea sex
Dumitru Gorzo, Neprihanitul

Dumitru Gorzo, Fluturasul


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