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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Prairie House

Prairie House on the Old Cattle Trail, Roanoke, Texas
(Click here for the Romanian version)

Roanoke, Texas. Passed by the Old Cattle Trail. A barn on the road, it's the Prairie House. You enter inside, rifles hanging on the walls, and all kind of Texan hats, and a pair of shabby cowboy boots. Old gas lamps, stained cans, a very old fashioned sewing machine. Long oak tables. Beer is served in some kind of jars. And then the pan comes, with the Texan steak. John Wayne would have felt here like being in his own. Anyway, photos of him are everywhere on the walls.

And here is the bar. The photo doesn't show the piano, it have known better days, as I tried the keys, only a couple were giving some kind of a sound.

The bar at the Prairie House
I visited also the Stockyards in Fort Worth, the Billy Bobs and all that stuff. I enjoyed it a lot, but it's just too much tourism there. Here at the Prairie House, you smell the true thing.


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