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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Odilon Redon - Guardian Spirit of the Waters

Un poem creat de Rumi
meditat in fata imaginii Duhului Pazitor al Apelor
Odilon Redon, Guardian Spirit of the Waters, 1878
Little tiny drops of water contain the world
I can’t see them but I know they’re there
A billion angels not only dance on the head of a pin
they carry it through the heavens
on the shoulders of a billion more angels
also dancing on heads of pins
carried on a billion more angel shoulders
ad infinitum
all to an uncanny but also unreproducible music
that may be
Allah’s actual breath
the bells and flutes
played by hosts of other angels
ranged in orchestras of Light
which I also cannot see
but which I also know are there
along with gardens of Paradise
winding through valleys of a beauty so dazzling
one quick tiny blink of squinted look of our earthly eyes
through our interlaced fingers
maybe even behind dark glasses
would make us swoon a hundred years
or more just one digital flick of our ocular apprehension
actually witnessing such a place for itself
might make our hearts burst out of our chests
with its unutterable gorgeousness
so all these things which I can’t see
all these whispers of truths
and expenditures of credulity
all these things we talk about or avoid talking
about beginning with God’s reality or unreality
and going even to our little baby finger
and wondering how it came about
to being so perfect just as it is
and especially when
wiggling freely in the air almost by itself
able to reach a place in our eyelid
to dislodge an eyelash
while we watch it in a mirror
I mean just look all around and inside us
if you want proofs of these things
one glimpse there also with their fantastic rainbow bridges
arcing across chasms of scintillating light
or canyons of glass
with herds of grazing fabulous animals in them
chewing bright grasses
while looking with their deep black innocent eyes
making tiny vapor drops of breath
around their nostrils
each one of which contains a world

(Icon and Orthodoxy)

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