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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maboroshi no hikari (Illusion)

If you cannot see the video properly on my blog, you should go to youTube. It was posted there by Eigagogo: it is the pen name of someone who has a deep passion and knowledge of the world of cinema. His blog is dedicated exclusively to the movies. The posts are in Portuguese: I do not know this language, I can only try to make some associations with the corresponding Romanian or Spanish words, which makes the understanding of the blog almost impossible. This is unfortunate: if you look at the blog you will realize what you loose by not knowing Portuguese.

However, sometimes words are not necessary to understand and to be deeply moved. I watched the video and I was touched as I was never: I felt that I lived again my whole life, condensed in ten minutes; I realized what a terrible experience life is, when reduced to the essential.

Maboroshi no hikari (Illusion): that is the title of the movie. The director is Hirokazu Kore-eda. I do not know whether I will ever find this movie to watch it entirely. But the scene from the video speaks more than thousand movies. I would like to say that it is of an incredible beauty, I would like to say that it demonstrates the power of the cinematic language, the language of images arranged in flows, that make words and sentences no more necessary: but I will not say these. Because this scene is much more.

Life and death, and remorse, and questions without answers. Only watch this video, again and again. And don't get crazy.

(Finally I saw the movie: Maboroshi - a radical cinematographic approach)

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