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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Again about Maboroshi no hikari

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Maboroshi no hikari, a movie that definitely is not for the weak ones. Its austerity is extreme. I talked here about many very difficult movies; this one beats most of them, if not all. I cannot imagine another director could make a more radical film. Maybe only the last movies of Kiarostami.

I found a very good comment about Maboroshi: The film, which was made with only natural light, draws the viewer into its spiritual mood with one breathtaking shot after another, as the camera draws back to contemplate Yumiko from afar. These scenes present´╗┐ her as a detached, mournful figure at the same time that they seem to look through her eyes with a Zen-like clarity that makes you forget you're watching a movie and are not actually there, standing in her shoes (ligger2).

And I was impressed by the reaction of one of the young video creators whom I keep in my highest esteem (Mattie): This is one of those films...that makes wannabe filmmakers like me...think´╗┐ nah im not cut out for the job. I still think Mattie is unjust: his videos are little cinematic gems, and Maboroshi is just unique; but there are many other masterpieces.

I found Maboroshi on youTube, ten consecutive videos. The publisher decided to disable the possibility of embedding the videos. I am giving you here just the ten links.

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