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Monday, May 26, 2008

Would Bobby Jindal become the Vice of McCain?

The conventions for the Dems and GOP will come eventually and then will go, so by that time we'll know the vice of each of the two nominees. Everybody's speculating about Obama's vice (provided Obama will get the nomination, which is pretty sure, not yet absolutely sure), so, let's schmooze a little bit about GOP's vice. Possible vices to be attributed to John McCain: Mike, Joe, Hillary. Mike would bring the support of Chuck Norris, Joe would know when it's Sunni and when it's Shia, Hillary would answer the 3 AM call.

I'd have another suggestion: Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana. He is 37, son of Indian immigrants, and a maverick (so he would cope with the maverick number 1). To make it short: young, Indian, smart. What about that?

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