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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Portraits of Manhattan

Charles Sheeler - Skyscrapers, 1922
oil on canvas

I found these two canvases laying one near the other at Phillips Collection.

I knew the canvas of Sheeler, and I was glad that I had now the opportunity to take a shot. I had met firstly with his works one or two years ago: an exhibition devoted to him at the Washington National Gallery. His approach on any subject implied a long and painful gestation: a photo, then series of drawings, till he was getting the same image as it was in the photo, then series of paintings, more and more eliminating the non-essential details, closer and closer to the purity of essential geometrical shape.

The oil of Stefan Hirsch belonged to the same family, though slightly different, with a subtle touch: maybe closer to the spirit of European Constructivism. Maybe a bit more optimistic in its tone, a bit more playful. Just a little bit.

Stefan Hirsch - New York, Lower Manhattan, 1921
oil on canvas

(Avangarda 20)

(Phillips Collection)

(New York, New York)


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