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Friday, April 10, 2009

Washington, DC: Demonstration in Support of Democratic Moldova

April 10: a demonstration in support for Democratic Moldova took place in front of the Embassy of Moldova in Washington.

Here is the message of the demonstrators:

The protest in Chisinau started as a result of obvious fraud of the Parliamentary elections on Sunday, April 5th. The main request of the protesters is that the votes be checked for frauds. There are rumors that there have been votes casted in the name of more than 100.000 deceased persons. Numerous supporters of the Communist party were issued multiple residence cards and were able to vote more than one time. Thus, it seems that the elections have been deliberately rigged to result in an unfairly obtained victory for the communists.

The protests started as a peaceful activity on Monday, April 6th. In the morning of Tuesday, April 7th, the situation abruptly changed and there was some violence that everyone regrets.

The government has reacted by shutting down internet connections, blocking Moldovan websites (particularly of the independent online newspapers), jamming cell phone reception and shutting down entrances to the capital so that protesters from other cities cannot enter and freely express themselves. In sum, the government is clamping down on freedom of political expression within Moldova and is committing human rights violations on what would have otherwise been peaceful demonstration.

(Zoon Politikon)



  • Multumesc din inima pentru acest, draga Pierre! (Ca asteptam, nu am vazut stiri sau poze din acest eveniment altundeva, asa apreciez de la tine intr-adevar!)

    By Anonymous deborah, at 6:49 PM  

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