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Monday, January 04, 2010

This Emotional Life at PBS on Jan. 4/5/6

Television at its best: This Emotional Life, a 3-part NOVA series, to be watched on PBS, on January 4/5/6 at 9 pm Eastern Time. Watch here a sneak-peek.

Says Director of Photography Wolfgang Held, I really loved filming for the 3 shows and these shoots always left me with food for thought and discussions for weeks afterwards. I hope the finished shows will reflect this.

Here is some info:

This Emotional Life explores the nature of the social relationships that are the key to human happiness; the obstacles to happiness—negative emotions – which we can’t live with and can’t live without; and the sometimes misguided pursuit of happiness itself. Each episode weaves together compelling personal stories of ordinary people and the latest research in psychology, along with revealing comments from celebrities such as Chevy Chase, Larry David, Elizabeth Gilbert, Alanis Morissette, Katie Couric and Richard Gere. Hosted by Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at Harvard and author of Stumbling on Happiness.

(Wolfgang Held)



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