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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Another Ryûhei Kitamura: Longinus, made in 2004. Reviewers are divided. Some say it's cool, some say it sucks. You'll watch and see (it's very short, so you'll not loose too much time if you don't like it). I think it's a Conceptual work, it means this movie is just a statement. Or an executive summary. If I am right, then Kitamura has a funny way to present his statements, kinda in war females are commanders, males are stupid asses, vampires bite humans, humans become vampires. Uh, and the spear of Longinus: it's good to have it in the movie, just in case. End of statement.

So I think Longinus is cool: it's a movie about a movie.

LONGINUS: Part 1/3
(video by mrjpopfan)

LONGINUS: Part 2/3
(video by mrjpopfan)

LONGINUS: Part 3/3
(video by mrjpopfan)

(Ryûhei Kitamura)



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