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Friday, July 09, 2010

Lilly Rivlin Recommends Andante

(image from Andante)

Lilly Rivlin watched Andante and that's what she has to say:

I went to a leading edge Israeli film tonight, titled Andante, it was a first feature of an Israeli filmmaker about a world without dreams, a dreamless society, and two dreamers who find each other, but are caught by a security policy and are made to forget how to dream. Shot in 35 mm stylistically it reminded me of the hard clunky industrial lines of the British film Brazil. What was its message, I asked myself. A deep and disturbing film.

This is a very fresh movie, made right now, in 2010. It will be screened this Monday at the Jerusalem Film Festival. The director (also screenwriter and composer) is Assaf Tager, the head of Katamine musical project. A movie made by a musician with the guts to start his cinematic career with an experimental film about dreams and destruction of dreams, a parable about our society that kills its prophets and dreamers.

Here is the plot, as I found it on jff:

The men and women of Andante’s society have lost the physiological ability to dream in their sleep, and consequently, the means of achieving deep and meaningful sleep in itself. In the belly of a factory of sorts, an old man is fast asleep in his bed – he is the last person who can still dream. The factory has the technological means to extract signals produced by the old man’s brain and project his dreams onto a screen used for public screenings as a synthetic substitute for the lost ability to dream.
The plot takes place during a single night when the old man is expected to pass away, and follows Sarah – a young woman who has begun dreaming again. As a replacement for the dying old “Mr. Coma” is desperately sought, Sarah undergoes various technological and symbolic induction procedures, as she takes on the role of eternal sleep.

I did not find the movie on youTube, neither on Netflix, it's too new. What I found on youTube was only the trailer, that I copied below for you. Maybe my friend Dan will have the chance to watch it soon, and to review it on his blog. I'll let you know.

Andante: Trailer
(video by JerusalemCinematheqe)

(Lilly Rivlin)



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