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Monday, October 25, 2010

Paris, je t'aime! Faubourg Saint Denis

For my Spanish speaking friends, I looked for a copy with Spanish subtitles of this vignette. A segment from Paris je t'aime.

It is created by Tom Tykwer. His good friend Natalie Portman plays a young actress, capricious, sweet, full of life, totally unpredictable. She falls for a young blind man (Melchior Beslon) who happened to pass by her small apartment one sunny morning. And their love flourished, consumed in rapid successive events like small gems of love, each one wiped away by the next, their love witnessed by the narrow streets of Faubourg Saint Denis, by the funny bistros from there, the pool, the small cinema theater, the apartment, small and cozy; their love caressed by that special light of the Parisian sky.

And sometimes he feels she decided to leave him, and he builds a delicate bunch of memories in his mind, a bunch of small rapid stories of love, their love that has been and it's over, a small bunch of little gems, rapid flashes, intertwined with his thoughts for what should it be with his life from now on, alone on the streets, alone in the small bistros, alone at the theater, alone for ever, each moment a small remembrance of what he lost.

And a sudden phone call resets the happiness. He just misinterpreted her words, she loves him and he is such a nice foul!




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