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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fast Growing Cities

Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, is the fastest growing city in US. Some others fast growing cities are located near Dallas (Denton), Fort Worth (McKinney), Austin (Round Rock), some others in Florida, Arizona, California, Tennessee. All of them are around hundred - two hundred thousand inhabitants, each one has something very modern to be pride with, corporate or academic. Something funny about Round Rock, it's the conservative suburb of Austin, the city that is definitely progressive in the conservative Texas.

If you ask me, I would probably choose McKinney to live in, and Peoria, to spend vacations. McKinney is near Fort Worth and I like that mix of cowboy traditions and classy style. I love Texas. I was twice there, I love it. And Peoria is a dream, like all Arizona. A friend of mine was there and he used to say, you feel there as the only wish to have would be a horse to ride with a good pair of boots and spurs. Well, that friend of mine lives now in Vancouver, and he enjoys the beaches there, and the cable ways. I haven't seen him for a while. Vlad, if you read this post, send me please a sign.



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