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Sunday, October 17, 2010

1995, October 17: Million Man March

Some years ago, as I was walking on DC National Mall I found myself in a huge mass of African-American men and women. I had come to America less than ten years before and I was learning the US history on the go. I asked some people there what was happening and they explained to me that it was a rememoration of the Million Man March.

Fifteen years passed since that Million Man March of October 17 of 1995. There are still many issues to be solved and it will take long time. Maybe the biggest challenge is the virtual separation of communities: you can live all your life in US seeing the other guys only on TV series, while they are real life and raise real problems. Go in DC on the 14th Street and pass the U or V blocks: you will be suddenly surrounded by poverty and virtual violence.

But I am confident. We have now the first African-American president: still many issues remain to be solved, already many issues have been solved.

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