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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011: Eleventh Day Eleventh Tango

Сердце, a tango composed by Isaak Dunayevsky for Весёлые ребята, a famous Soviet musical from 1934. It was performed in the movie by Leonid Utyosov. I remember I saw the movie in the early 1960's. Director Grigori Aleksandrov had been the close collaborator of Eisenstein, and in the thirties he started directing musical films on his own. He had great actors at his disposal: beside Utyosov it was Lyubov Orlova.

Well, there are many things to talk about the musicals of Aleksandrov, but let's come back to Сердце. In 1935, Pyotr Leshchenko took this tango and started to sing it in Argentinian fashion.

Here are two videos. The first is featuring Leshchenko. The second is the original performance of Сердце, in the movie, by Utyosov. Enjoy!

Pyotr Leshchenko: (video by genia106)

Как много девушек хорошых
Как много ласковых имён
Но лиш одно из них тревожит
Унося покой и сон - когда влюблён

Любовь нечаянно нагрянет
Когда ёё совсем не ждёшь
И каждый вечер сразу станет
Удивительно хорош - и ты поешь

Сердце - тебе не хочется покоя
Сердце - как хорошо на свете жить
Сердце - как хорошо что ты такое
Спасибо сердце что ты умеешь так любить

Leonid Utyosov: (video by Pustinnik25)

(Les Troubadours du Temps Jadis)


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