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Friday, January 14, 2011

Kissinger: Avoiding a US-China Cold War

The nature of globalization and the reach of modern technology oblige the US and China to interact around the world. A Cold War between them would bring about an international choosing of sides, spreading disputes into internal politics of every region at a time when issues such as nuclear proliferation, the environment, energy and climate require a comprehensive global solution. Henry Kissinger makes an analysis in today's W. Post. He considers that there are cultural differences in the way the two super-powers approach the issues. Americans have a pragmatic view, trying (successfully or not) to solve any issue, while for Chinese issues cannot be fundamentally solved, rather contained. Americans tend to separate good and bad (of course, good and bad as defined in their own terms), while Chinese tend to see the intrinsic contradictions in any truth. Take for instance the North Korean nuclear issue: for Americans this has to stop and that's it, while Chinese know that a radical approach could destabilize the North Korean regime and to create a zone of chaos just near the Chinese borders.

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