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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nicholas Kristof is Heading for Egypt

Nicholas D. Kristof is heading for Egypt and he thinks he can get in. Depending on Internet/phone access he hopes to FB, tweet, blog and columnize soon. There are about 600 comments on Facebook. Karen Holland Hanania suggested him just hearing from the people on the streets. Kathleen V. O'Bryan says, please put faces on the protesters, tell their stories, be cautious and have safe passage, we await your news, thank you for going. Linda Lacy has a wonderful comment, go by the funky, run-down Cairo version of the Blue Mosque and talk with the caretaker; he has nine children and makes very little money when he gets paid at all, Mr Hawass does not have money to preserve every antiquity equally, but the caretaker loves to talk about the mosque and I would be curious what he would say about current events. He doesn't speak much English BTW. Tell him the lady who came in 2006 and 2008 with the guide Samir and who gave his son a piece of candy sent you. Little Mary Margaret Cannon prays, God be with you!!!

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