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Thursday, May 19, 2011


(in the editing room: Kathy Leichter and Pola Rapaport)

HERE ONE DAY is a movie in the making. It was shot by Kirsten Johnson and edited by Pola Rapaport. It is the personal story of the film director (Kathy Leichter): her mother committed suicide in 1995, victim of a bipolar disorder. The way the family recovered from the grief caused by this terrible loss is the subject of the movie.

Through this movie, director Kathy Leichter intends to:

# Reduce the stigma surrounding suicide and people with mental illness, increase understanding, break the silence, and create empathy;
# Give voice to those who have, or know someone with, bipolar disorder and mitigate the isolation these families can feel;
# Provide a forum for discussions about mental illness, suicide, loss, family history, mother-loss, and motherless mothers.

In order to finish the movie, Kathy Leichter started a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. She is more than 2/3 of the way to her goal of raising $25,000, and she has until June 1st to raise the rest. There are so far 125 backers who have pledged with $20,618. The making of the movie will be funded only if at least $25.000 will be pledged till Wednesday June 1st, 9:29 am EDT.

(scene from the movie: director Kathy Leichter and her father)

In order to make a pledge, please go to:

(Pola Rapaport)



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