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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reading Further Black Milk

Istanbul, Haydarpasha Terminal, the last train station in Asia
it has its own djinn and fairies

Reading further Black Milk, I'm startled to find a description that's not far for what I'd say about me: someone split inside, half East, half West, who loves the world of imagination more than the real world; who, year after year, has been worn down by useless paradoxes..., who cares too much about what other people think... in short a personality under construction.

When Elif Shafak says that about her, she completes, you must accept the universe as an open book that is waiting for its reader; one must read each day, page by page.

And a splendid change of replicas, two pages later:

With a sudden urge and zest, I flag down a passing taxi - Come on, let's go - Where to? - To the train station - Did you decide to go to America by train? - No, I just want to go to smell the trains.

(Elif Shafak)

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