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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to Polanski: Where Angels Fall (1959)

Zdzisława Skowrońska recommended me this movie made by Polanski in 1959: Gdy Spadaja Anioly (Where Angels Fall). It was his diploma production. The old woman is played by Polanski himself.

Some reviewers considered this very distinct among the other movies of Polanski, either earlier or made after. I dare to relate it to Nóż w Wodzie though (as I did with the other earlier films). Again there are the two worlds. Ours, remembered in twenty minutes, when you are too old and too aware that no hopes fulfill, no dreams come true, life is nothing but shit. And theirs, the ones that live in another universe and come sometimes to visit us. And their visit makes sense to us only when no hopes, no dreams can support us anymore. Angels come only when you are too aware about the shit of your life. And they come exactly there, in the shit of your life.

Paul Tillich was right: you find God only after you have lost all.

Gdy Spadaja Anioly
(video by slowphoto)




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