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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Eve Packer: What is Love

billy i say,

we are at Playpen, girls parading
plumed & feathered birds of
paradise, billy slamming tokens
right & left fistfuls
of peppermints, friday rush hour,
hi-5’s, kisses from dancers to
frequent customers, in this semi-
naked arena billy i say what is love
& he puts it on the mike:

being one w/the one
you desire, you cld come in on
yr hands & knees, i’d throw
my arms arnd you, give you a
big kiss & hug, say thats
my baby, other people
wldn’t understand
but i do

love, what is love i say to dillon
red-head cop on the corner: like
parent w/a kid, like the
church says come hell or high

love what is love i say to candy the TV
he has just chased, the one w/
the terrible face job awful jaw stubble (i guess
this is her corner), what is
love: caring for me, knowing what i
do, this is my job she says
desperation leaking from
running mascara, caring
not abt what i do,
but for who i am

love i say what is love to rumanian
taxi driver: what makes me the greatest
fighter in the world, what is love i say
to my friend nancy: wet underpants,
what is love i say to bob
first warm day of spring looking up
coffee cup in hand he says
constant sunlight

love i say what is love
to the voice in
my ear & you say
what i’m waiting for
you to tell me

(Eve Packer)



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