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Friday, June 24, 2011

Writer E.M.Broner Passed Away

E.M.Broner, center, leading a womens seder, which she recast from a feminist vantage point

Lilly Rivlin announced right now the death of E.M.Broner, a Jewish feminist who explored in her books (both fiction and non-fiction) the double marginalization of being Jewish and female. Ms. Broner was intensely concerned with Jewish spirituality, and with carving out a place for women in a faith tradition that had long seemed not to want them. Her most influential book was The Women's Haggadah, in which the Passover seder was recast from a feminist vantage point.

Ms. Broner died in Manhattan. She was 83.

There is an article in NY Times devoted to the personality of E. M. Broner:

(Lilly Rivlin)



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