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Friday, June 24, 2011

Have You Ever Gone To Colorado?

Alma Har'el sent this image on Facebook: a mobile upload from the desert of Colorado. Alma has just visited The Red at Slab City: mythological & kicking, whiskey drinking & ice-cream eating.

Well, it's Colorado, but the state. It's California's Colorado Desert. Slab City (The Slabs) is there. Well, it's Slab City, but a city. It used to be a military camp in WWII. The barracks are now inhabited by squatters, along with all kind of wandering campers: no electricity, no running water, no charge for parking. And there is the Riot, the Slab City Riot: a flat dirt field, punk rock, party time in the bowels of hell, weird and just a little dangerous. If you are freaking cool, that's the place. Here are In The Read at the Riot in 2010.

(Alma Har'el)



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